Webalo Launches Frontline Workforce Platform Into the Middle East Market Through BlackWing Partnership

Webalo 6.0 checklist, forms and workflows and visualizations

Webalo digitizes frontline workers, ensuring safe, efficient, and productive plant operations

​​​​​​​​​​Webalo, the Platform for the Frontline Workforce™, announced the availability of Webalo 6.0, the latest version of its transformative, no-code, frontline workforce app generation platform for citizen developers, through its newly formed regional partnership with BlackWing, a professional services firm providing digital consulting and technology solutions. BlackWing will commercialize the Webalo Platform in the industrial markets across the Middle East and North Africa, offering both sales and service.

“Today, industrial companies are facing a substantial new set of challenges in keeping their workforces safe and their plants operational,” said Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst, Workspace Services at Omdia. “A new generation of transformative software is required to help industrial companies eliminate paperwork, reduce person-to-person interactions, visualize the workplace and its supply chain in real-time, and enable mobile working – all high priority areas of focus for industrial plant operations.”

Webalo easily digitizes forms, checklists, standard operating procedures, multi-dimensional workflows, and approvals; provides real-time operational awareness across all areas of plant operations and integrates with all of the core systems to provide the workforce with simple mobile back-end access to a broad range of enterprise and industrial software applications. These capabilities make it easier than ever for industrial organizations to empower their frontline workers with the real-time bi-directional digital forms and information that they need to keep their plants safe, compliant, and operational with a scalable, enterprise-grade solution.

The Webalo Platform is available in three editions:

  • Webalo StartNow!™ allows companies to digitize their checklists, forms, SOPs, and approvals, for free.
  • Webalo Workforce™ provides advanced reporting capabilities and support for larger workforce teams.
  • Webalo Enterprise™ integrates with a broad range of enterprise and industrial applications to support advanced multi-dimensional workflows and use cases that utilize Webalo's Connected Digital Distancing™ technology which uniquely addresses the critical requirements for today's pandemic—while providing a frontline workforce platform for the future—that ensures safe, efficient, and productive ongoing plant operations.

“We’re excited to introduce Webalo to the Middle East market through our partnership with BlackWing” said Peter Price, Webalo CEO. “Eliminating paper, a potentially toxic surface, and reducing person-to-person interactions is now a high priority focus to ensure ongoing safe operations in any industrial environment. BlackWing brings the full range of Webalo services—including training, consulting and technical support—to this important region where frontline workers play a key role in ensuring productivity and quality across a broad range of companies in the energy, food and beverage, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, and transportation sectors, where Webalo is focused.

“We are pleased to introduce Webalo to the region,” said Nasser Mustafa, BlackWing CEO. “BlackWing has been rapidly growing over the past year, and we needed a partner such as Webalo that could meet our scalability goals in the region. Digitization of the workforce is a huge market opportunity and Webalo will allow us to accelerate digital transformation for our customers, helping them engage, support, motivate, and retain their industrial frontline workers, to improve quality and ensure safety, reduce downtime and delays, and increase productivity and efficiency.”

About Webalo

Webalo, the Platform for the Frontline Workforce, is a software platform that digitizes tasks and activities for frontline workers, while providing real-time operational visibility across all areas of business operations. Webalo is enterprise grade and closely integrated with enterprise and industrial software systems such as Microsoft, SAP, Rockwell, and Siemens. Built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time transactional usage by thousands of workers, to help them make better, more informed decisions, and to make their businesses more productive.

About BlackWing

BlackWing is a professional services firm providing digital consulting and technology solutions to help organizations deliver on their strategic objectives. BlackWing has a pragmatic approach to introduce disruptive solutions with a comprehensive strategy that accelerates the passage from idea to implementation. They offer specialized digital transformation services with a structured roadmap and clear vision. In addition, they partner with startups around the globe to drive innovation.

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